Photo Jolie: Blog en-us (C) Photo Jolie (Photo Jolie) Thu, 25 Jun 2015 16:32:00 GMT Thu, 25 Jun 2015 16:32:00 GMT Photo Jolie: Blog 80 120 Pinkletoes Workshop Reunion - Charleston I'm a lucky girl.  I know it, and I'm very appreciative of it.  A couple years ago, I attended a Pinkletoes Workshop in Austin.  At the time, I was only practicing photography.  I didn't have the guts to start a business of my own.  I left that workshop totally in awe of the talent that the other attendees (and, of course, the host) possessed,and feeling like I had gotten the push I needed to make the leap.  In the time following the workshop, Michele has created a community of photographers that are supportive and fun.  We can ask questions and brainstorm ideas.  It's an amazing group of woman all trying to help others do the best they possibly can.  This is awesome (obviously), but even better is the fact that we get to meet up once a year for reunions! 

This year's trip was to Charleston, South Carolina.  It's a beautiful city (I mean, the moss in the trees alone takes the beauty up several notches).  The air was heavy with the scent of the jasmine that seems to grow on any item that was stationary long enough.  I was nervous to meet this group of women.  I didn't know a soul, other than Michele.  Those nerves quickly disappeared as we all got together and bonded over all the things we had in, loss, struggles, love of photography, business and t-rex jokes.  We woke at sunrise to capture a sunrise at Folly Beach.  We went on a food tour, carriage tour, ate at delicious restaurants, toured the plantation where The Notebook was filmed and wandered Rainbow Row.  Somehow, we even found time to have a maternity session for a family we randomly met not the beach! 

Attending Michele's workshop in Austin, was one of the best things that I ever did for my business.  Attending this reunion is pretty high up there as well, not only did I have an opportunity to brainstorm and discuss things with this group of incredibly talented ladies, but I left with wonderful new friends.  

This image was captured on my camera by Danielle Hobbs. Danielle is a family photographer in Charleston, SC. Thanks, Danielle!

  Follow our blog circle and meet all these others incredible photos.  Michele Anderson is an amazing Austin Texas Lifestyle Family Newborn Photographer. I have been privileged enough to have her photograph my family twice.  Her work is nothing less than stunning.  Enjoy!

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Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head

We planned this session WAY back!  They knew that they wanted a family session.  I knew that I would be vacationing at the same place at the same time as them. Of course, a beach session while on vacation seemed like a fun & different choice (at least for those of us landlocked in Texas). Unfortunately,  Mother Nature didn't care about our plans.  Less than 15 minutes later, the rain drove us off the beach and into the nearest shelter. Not exactly what we had planned, but we ended up with some great images and some fun memories of dashing off the beach as the rain began to pelt down from the sky and frogs in our shelter! Check out one more of my favorite images here

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Sunny on Planet Cool (Dallas Child Photographer) you're going to have a session with a three year old wearing a shirt with a skull on it. Obvious place for said session?  Ummm...the graffiti park, of course!  Little man just turned three but already knows something about being a super cool dude. Don't think I've ever seen a kid rock a graffiti park, a skull shirt, a faux hawk and shades like he did.  All the crazy bright colors seemed to perfectly parallel the energy in this little man.  Makes me tired just thinking about his get up and go! you're going to have a session with a three year old wearing a shirt with a skull on it. Obvious place for said session?  Ummm...the graffiti park, of course!  Little man just turned three but already knows something about being a super cool dude. Don't think I've ever seen a kid rock a graffiti park, a skull shirt, a faux hawk and shades like he did.  All the crazy bright colors seemed to perfectly parallel the energy in this little man.  Makes me tired just thinking about his get up and go! 

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Plus One (Dallas Family Photograper)

This is one of the first families that I ever photographed and I still feel honored to return each year to take their family pictures!  Mom wanted our session to be playful and fun, so what better place to meet than a park?!?  When I saw them last year they were a family of three, but little sis has been the absolute perfect +1 to their family.  You can see my favorite image of mom and sweet baby girl here.   Already looking forward to what we will capture next year!

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Keepin' It Real Most of this blog is filled with images from my clients' lives.  Their families, their happiness, and their fun.  What about mine?!?  I haven't ever shown my own kiddos here, but they are about to make their big debut!  This post isn't about a perfect family session, it's just about family.  Those everyday moments that we all experience day in and day out.  Those moments that we don't capture with a picture because we think that they will still be doing those same things tomorrow.  Thing never really know when their last time to thrill at the sight of bubbles will be!  You don't know when he and she can stop talking a bath in the same tub.  You don't know when she will be too big to dance in Daddy's arms. When will he stop playing soccer?  When will she loose her fascination with the water from the sink?  You don't capture it now!  Don't wait until you have a "better" camera!  The best camera is the one that is in your hands!  Use it!  Capture your family, your life!  Start now! All those little moments...they may not mean that much to anyone else, but they are priceless to you.  Here are some of our moments! 


Want to see what real life is like in some other photographers' lives?  Check out Jody Mack Photography, a Charleston Lifestyle Newborn, Child & Family Photographer.

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Two Is So Much Better than One! (Dallas Photographer)

I love seeing the same families year after year!  Watching the littles grow and change is so much fun!  This little miss has a special place in my heart because she is very close in age to my own little miss.  She first came to see me for a cake smash to celebrate her first birthday (check out that cuteness here).  At that time, she was still a crawler.  Well...she is a crawler no longer!  She is walking, running, dancing, playing...busy!  Too busy to have her picture taken, for sure!  She made us pull out all the tricks in our hats, but we did it!  We captured her silly, sweet, energetic, inquisitive, rambunctious personality.  There were even some quiet moments like you see here.  There are so many bits and pieces that make this much loved baby girl exactly who she is, but they are add up to make her absolutely perfect!

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Look Who's 1 (Dallas Baby Photographer)

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And Then There Were 5! (Dallas family photographer)

Is it totally wrong to be jealous of a sweet little baby?  Before you decide, check out her lashes!!!  See, now you're jealous as well, right?!?  Get this...she isn't the only one with killer lashes!  Boys watch out!  This little beauty has TWO big brothers (with gorgeous lashes)!  I know all about growing up with brothers. I have two myself.  However, I was smack dab in between the two of them.  One that was protective of me and one that I protected. I spent lots of time playing with cars or trying (and mostly failing) to keep up with the older boys playing soccer or football.  Little Miss will certainly always having someone looking out for her and will probably be tough as nails after years of keeping up with the boys!  She already seems to be completely content around Big Brothers #1 & #2.  Do you see how she has an arm draped over Big Bro #1 in the image of all three of them together?!? Or how calm she is with Big Bro #1 looming over her?!? Those are "her boys" already, that is for certain!  I'm sure there will lots of Legos, cars, trains and "boy-ness" in her future, but I think she will definitely have a girly side. Just look at those sweetly clasped hands and how much she enjoyed a little quiet, girl time with her momma!  I know that Little Miss is growing up in a home that is filled with lots of love, laughter and fun. It's a place where she will be free to be whatever she wants to be!  (I know because her momma is a dear friend of mine).    I'm so excited to see what the future holds for this sweet girl (with a name near and dear to my heart) and "her boys."

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Laugh a little (Dallas Photographer)

Can you tell how much fun these two kiddos had during our session?!?  There were so many images of the two of them laughing with their heads thrown back or smiling huge smiles!  I mean, who doesn't like getting spun around in circles by Dad?  Or even something like this?  It was so hard to decide which images to keep and which to let go.  Of course, in between those silly moments, we had some quiet, tender moments as well.  This momma loves her littles fiercely and it's clear that they love her back just as much.  I've had the honor of calling this momma one of my best friends for about 5 years and to have known these little guys since they were infants.  Now, I've been doubly honored to have had the chance to capture the close connection this family shares! 

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Important Announcement regarding Availability In order to provide my clients with the best, most personalized experience, I will be limiting my sessions each month. If you are thinking about a session soon, please contact me as soon as possible!

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Little Boys Blue (Dallas family photographer)

This session was a lot of fun for me!  I got to be a part of a Christmas gift! This session was not actually purchased by this family.  It was given to them as a gift by a very thoughtful sis-in-law (who is also one of my dearest friends)(!  Is there a better gift for anyone than a chance to capture their family exactly as they are in that moment?!? 

Check out these two little cuties in their bright blue shirts!  The color of those shirts made their little blue eyes sparkle, much like their personalities!  We met at a park near their home.  It was a place familiar to the boys and they felt comfortable.  They had some freedom explore and room to burn off some energy.  And energy is one thing that these two littles have plenty of!  They are definitely happiest when they are moving (like most young boys), but we were able to capture some quiet moments.  I loved being a part of this Christmas gift and hope that they have images that will always remind them of this very fleeting time in their family.

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Little Man (Dallas Photographer)

I love this little guy who just happens to live right on my block!  He is truly a little man...3 going on 39!  You never know what he is going to say next, but often it will make you laugh at either the actual words or just the delivery!  He loves his fish, his cars and especially Legos (like most boys his age).  Did you see the vehicles that he designed all by himself?!?  We may have broken a rule or two (Anyone up for jumping on the bed?), but we got permission from Mom and Dad just for our session. We checked out all of his favorite things before heading outdoors.  I feel so fortunate that I was given the chance to capture everything that makes him such a cool kid!

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All about a Girl! (Dallas Photography)

I love to watch parents play with their kids.  I mean really get down on the ground and play.  Like everyone sitting around a tea party set up on a small stool, reading a book while stretched out on a blanket, with a chess set that Mom and Dad use often, or giving rides on their shoulders.  We did all those things and more!  LIttle Miss brought some of her favorite things and we played with them all! I think you can tell by the smile on her face, this little one knows exactly how much she is loved!

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Little Bit (Dallas Children Photographer)

I absolutely adore this time of year!  Cooler temperatures mean sweaters, boots and coats.  Did you see the pink coat and hat on Little Miss?!? It was perfect for a walk in the park on a crisp fall day.  She explored, benches, bridges, leaves.  I'm pretty sure that she would have picked up every rock and leaf if we had let her!  She found the ducks in the water fascinating and was a trooper as we moved from place to place around the park.  And, oh!  The sweet expressions on her face!  Definitely hard to resist squeezing this little one!

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Friends (Austin Photography)

I've known this momma since our oldest children were babies. Really small babies, mine was only 9 weeks old! There are many things that I have enjoyed about our friendship, but one thing that proved really useful for me (an Austin transplant) was that she really knew Austin.  Need a place to go for dinner? She'd have ideas.  Looking for something to do with the kiddos?  Once again, she could always be trusted to give a suggestion.  Not such where an area of town was located? You guessed it, she could help.  Now, she and her hubby have teamed up for careers that fit them like a glove (check out their website here)!  One of their favorite things to do together is wandering down South Congress.  So, that's exactly what we did for their session and we had such a good time! They pointed out all kinds of shops and restaurants that I had never noticed or that had moved in since we left Austin a little less than two years ago.  Little Miss and Little Mister were troopers (check out more of their cuteness here), even when the much anticipated trip to the candy store was halted when the store was unexpected closed.  Thankfully,  the cupcake trailer was waiting just down the street. 

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Hello Again! (Austin photography session)

I absolutely love getting to see families from the past again, and this family was no exception!  When I met them for the first time, Little Bro was still a baby and Big Bro was much shorter! Big Bro was just as gregarious and energetic as I remembered.  Little Bro was still shy and reserved, until he warmed up (as you can see for yourself here.)  I don't know the last time that I saw two brothers so willing to cuddle up (and like it)!  I have a feeling these two will grow up to be best buds and look forward to capturing them in the future! 

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Little Monkey

This session was supposed to happen a long time ago, but the day of the session it rained and rained and rained.  We rescheduled for a day smack dab in the middle of summer.  What are the odds that it would rain that day as well?!?  Apparently, very good!  Just before our session, a small storm swept through leaving puddles on the ground and fluffy white clouds in the sky.  The timing was perfect!  Little Man showed up ready to run, play and climb.  He was a cute little bundle of energy who is lucky enough to have two adoring parents.  I know that he is going to be fabulous in his new job as big brother (check that out here)!


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Let's Play!


Sometimes weather here in Texas doesn't do what you want it to do.  This session was a perfect example of that!  We were hoping for a beautiful sunrise over downtown Dallas, but instead we got thick, dark clouds and even some sprinkles!  No worries!  Little Miss was perfectly happy to play while we waited for the skies to lighten and I  joined right in.  We climbed, ran, skipped, jumped and laughed. I had so much fun exploring the park with such a beautiful, clever, and engaging girl!  I think she had a good time as well, since she asked if I could come over to her house.  Maybe someday! :)

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Bear in the Woods  

It wasn't really the woods. To be honest, it wasn't really a bear.  Not a real bear, at least. It was a cute, cuddly one. One that you hug, kiss and drag behind you as your strike out on your own!

It was an absolutely gorgeous day, perfect for roaming and exploring a park with this beautiful family.  There were lots of smiles, hugs and kisses.  There was a little playing and some reading. Of course, once Little Miss decided it was time for a walk, everyone else followed suit.  This big brother absolutely adores his little sister and very willingly gave her hugs and kisses.  These kiddos have traveled to many countries and have probably already logged more time on a plane than I have!  I'm sure they have many pictures of themselves in beautiful, exotic places, but I hope that these images captured on a relaxing afternoon near their home will be some of their favorites!


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Lucky Dog!!!! Austin Urban Lifestyle Session

We had a hard time narrowing down the spot for this session. Austin has so many interesting spots, who can blame us for having a hard time picking just one?  We had to consider Big Sister, Little Brother, and the family pup.  We started in the South Congress area and found a great little spot with awesome wooden walls off of the main drag. Big Sister loves to pose and ham it up for the camera and Little Brother just wants to explore.  We finished the session at a nearby park where the kids could romp and play with their sweet dog.  That's one lucky dog!

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